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  • Early Years Foundation Stage
    • EYFS
      • Statutory legal frame work introduced by the DCSF.
        • Setys standards for all children from birth to 5 years in development, learning and care.
          • Monitored and checked by Ofsted who do regular inspections
        • Must be used by all early years providers
      • Person registered after DBS and health checks and verified references.
      • EYA
        • Extra help for those that need it
        • Targets written in IEP
        • Professional help where necessary
      • Providers make provision for special educational needs
        • Be sympathetic of those from different backgrounds
    • EYFS Profile
      • Completed by all providers for children in that academic year they reach 5.
      • Profiled based on recorded observations of 6 areas.
        • Personal, social and emotional development.
        • Communication, language and literacy
        • Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy
        • Physical development
        • Creative development.
        • Knowledge and understanding of the world
    • Parents in Partnership
      • Encourage Maths Skills
        • Counting
          • Counting items around the home, singing counting rhymes
        • Mearuing
          • Filling and emptying containers, weighing ingrediants
        • Finding Shapes
          • Everyday objects that are round, square, triangular.
      • Encourage reading/writing skills by...
        • Reading together
          • Pointing out letters and words
        • Learning letters
          • Playing I-Spy games
        • Making marks
          • On paper/chalkboards
        • Bringing books to life
          • Using a story sack containing props


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