Child Development

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Early years foundation stage (EYFS)-sets standardsfo al chldrenfrom brirth to5 yeasin developen, earnin and care
Ery year acion-proides extr help fo chlr woneed , and provdeseta professional helporresoue where necessye.g. speech therapy

EYFS prfile must b competedb all proxiders for each child in the academic year that they reach age 5. The profile is based on recorded observations on the 6 areas of learning...

  • personal,social ad emotionl deelopmnt
  • communiation, language nd ltracy
  • prblem soving, reasonigan numercy
  • knowledge and undrstanding of eworl
  • physial development
  • cretive development

Children from 6 months to five years use creches.

  • often attatched to a workplae
  • cost f care may be subided by employers
  • openall yea round
  • hild cango full r arttme
  • parent anisit i thir breaks
  • scialisationwih othe hildren


  • may be large and impersonal
  • can be a problem if parents job changes
  • can't send an ill child

Children with special needs

Down's syndrome
Cause-extra chromosone
effect-slanting eyes, eyelids with extra fold, single crease on palm, limited…


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