Early Years Care Values & Principles

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  • Values of Care in Child Care Services
    • Keeping children safe and maintaining a healthy environment
      • Their safety is a priority and they should not be put at risk
        • In an educational environment all staff need to be DBS checked this aids the child's right of protection form harm & abuse
    • Making the welfare of the child paramount
      • Children should be listened to and their views considered
        • A child in a nursery shouldn't be verbally & physically abused. It breaches their right to protection from harm & abuse
    • Learning & Development
      • Children must be given a range of experiences to support PIES (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional & Social) development
        • Learning English & maths. Working in a group. Letting children dress up.
    • Valuing diversity
      • Information relating to diversity should be presented in a positive way
        • A wide range of festivals could be celebrated with the children: Diwali, Hanukkah, Eid
    • Equal opportunities
      • Each child should be offered equality of access to opportunities to learn
        • Tasks & activities should be differentiated to meet children's individuals needs, enabling each child to progress
    • Anti-discrimination
      • Expressions of prejudice by children or adults should be challenged
        • Ensure that all activities are accessible to all to make sure no one is excluded
    • Maintaining confidentiality
      • Information about children should never be shared with others without consent
        • Information about a child's parent being ill would only be shared with the teachers directly involved in working with the child, not anyone else
    • Working with other professionals
      • Liaison with other professionals is essential to the welfare of the child but should be with parental permission
        • In a child protection case a teacher, a social worker, a GP and a police officer may be involved in discussions about the best interests of the child


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