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  • DT
    • Hardwoods and features
      • Oak, Mahogany, Beech, Ash
        • Heavier, Darker colour, More decretive, Expensive, Hard to work
          • Used to make furniture and windows
    • Softwood and Features
      • Pine
        • Lighter, lighter colour, decorative grain, cheap, easier to work, 30 years to grow
          • Used to make joists, floorboards, toys
    • Oak
      • Hard, durable, tough
        • Uses: high-quality furniture, garden benches, windows
          • Advantages: finishes well Disadvantage: contains an acid which erodes steel
    • Mahogany
      • Hard, Tough
        • Uses: indoor furniture, window frames
          • Advantages: finishes well, relatively easy to work. Disadvantage:  proven to warping, some tropical types can be a bit soft and fibrous
    • Beech
      • Hard, Tough
        • Uses:  workshop benches, kitchen chopping boards
          • Advantages: turns well, finishes well Disadvantage: proven to warp
    • Pine
      • lightweight
        • Uses: floor boards, garden decking
          • Advantages: nice colour and grain pattern, grows quickly Disadvantage: proven to warp, knots can fall out and leave holes
    • Warping
      • Wood twists along the grain
    • Bowing
      • wood curves like banana along grain
    • Copping
      • Wood curves across the grain
    • Splitting
      • Wood splits along grain


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