Social and moral issues

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Social and Cultural influences

new textiles products are being developed to meet the needs of consumers and to appeal to their desire. Designers are often inspired to respond to change in society and to world events.

  • in war, resources were spent on funding the conflict and materials for fashion were rationed.
  • In times of plenty, consumers may have increased disposable income to spend on fun clothing and furnishings.
  • As populations alter because of immigration a new mix of people will bring their religious and cultural interests into society. The next generation will express their identity through clothing and fashion designs.
  • gender issues may impact on design when the roles of men and women alter perhaps with changes in types of employment and the clothing needed for different workplaces.
  • Now there is better healthcare and longer life expectancy, designing for elderly people and those with disabilities may be a future priority. 
  • After the second world war women desired feminine clothes that did no look like a civilian version of a military uniform and they were tired of rationing, which had resulted in straighter styles with less fabric.

Today, wearable electronics are increasingly popular with those consumers who want communication and entertainment devices. New computer technology has altered the way people communicate and provides opportunities for entertainment from music, video and computer games. This has led to rapid development in textile products that incorporate electronics. 

Wearable electronics: electronic devices that are embedded into fabric or incorporated into clothing for sensing, monitoring, communication and entertainment purposes. 

military use

  • Society funds the development of new textile products for military use.

Cultural influences on consumer choice

  • Within society some people may be restricted in their choice of textiles products by their religious beliefs and customs for example Muslim women…


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