Does Participation matter?

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  • Does Participation really matter?
    • Yes
      • In a democracy, it is ultimately the people who hold ministers to account.
        • A politically aware and active electorate would be better at noticing government  deception  and/or bad management
      • Without effective oppertunities for participation, alienation and exclusion of social groups would increase
      • Participation by the moderate majority is a counter to the rise of political extremism.
        • Extremists do participate, if others sit back and don't vote then this could cause an extremist government to come to power who does not represent the views of the majority.
      • Participation counters apathy and ignorance
        • By being informed and getting involved, people will see that it is possible to effect political and social change through the democratic process.
      • Other forms of participation are often focused on single issues and quickly fade out of existance.
        • Better to participate in sustained campaigning of established parties and pressure groups.
    • No
      • It is easy to over emphasise the arguments concerning participation
        • Although traditional forms may be in decline, the new form of participation are highly political and a form of direct democracy.
      • For many people, politics is not an important priority in their lives.
        • In a post-materialistic age, people want to take part in different, exciting and new  leisure    opportunities which makes politics seem boring.
      • People only participate in high numbers at times of crisis.
        • Not participating can be due to hapathy
      • There is little you can do to make people participate.
        • New means of encouraging voting have not had a profound effect. One option is to make voting compulsory but this can lead to voter fatigue.


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