Explain the main features of UK's democratic system (I got 8/10= A)


General Elections

A main feature of the UK's democratic system are General Elections:

  • These are held every 5 years.
  • These are democratic because it gives the people's rights to vote for the political party they want to represent them, based on their manifestos.
  • GE are a form of representative democracy as citizens vote for MPs to represent their views and opinions in Parliament. 
  • This opposes to direct democracy because elections do not give people a direct sat in political matters and issues. 
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Another main feature of the UK's democratic system is the use of referendums:

  • These are a form of direct democracy and are democratic because people directly have a say on political matters that the HOC can't agree on.
  • The government proposes a question that is debated, with a 'yes or no' answer that all British citizens over the age 18, can vote in. 
  • This was shown in the Scottish Independence referendum where Scottish citizens voted for or against independence. 
  • As a result, the turnout was 63% No, so Scotland remained part of the UK.
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Pressure Groups

Pressure Groups are a main feature of the UK's democratic system:

  • Because PGs give the minorities, who are left behind at the elections,a voice in politics.
  • PGs are democratic because they can influence the government on controversial issues to hopefully get the issue debated in Parliament. 
  • There will always be a PG that represents someone or their views (unlike a political party).
  • PGs not only gives people a voice, but they help to increase political participation as a result. 
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