Participation through the ballot box: Determinants of voting behaviour: Theories.

An overview of the points needed for revision on theories of why voting choices are made, ie through voting behaviour. Tried to seperate it into idea, result and recent trends (which can be used for evaluation), hope this helps!

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Key Terms: power, authority, politics, elitism, pluralism, electorate, participation, abstainers

Participation in Politics

Democracy: `The essence of participation'

Participation is a form of democracy ­ getting actively involved in politics for the benefit of
yourselves and the public. Democracy is people power: of, by and for the people.
There are…

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Factors affecting participation ­ Short term and Long Term

Social class

Remedies: How participation could be increased

LAW: make it a legal requirement
EDUCATION: increase political education in school system so people know how the system
works and increase understanding
CAMPAIGNS: make them state funded ­…

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o Voting is not as vital as people have different priorities: in modern times issues are
not as serious and revolve more around lifestyle and leisure etc. Technology has
helped people to take action In different ways eg student protests, which involve
direct involvement rather than through hierarchal parties…


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