Does participation matter?

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  • Does Participation matter?
    • It does...
      • It gives the electorate chance to express their views on matters of public importance.
        • Important in  a democracy.
      • Participation of the moderate majority will reduce the rise of political extremism.
        • Eg. the BNP
      • There is a danger for increasing alienation and political exclusion of some social group, without effective opportunities for participation.
        • The turnout among ethnic minorities is very low.
    • It doesn't...
      • There are new forms of participation, that allow people to express their view directly
        • Pressure groups, allow them to campaign for issues they personally feel are important.
          • Eg.Green Peace
      • People tend to participate in times of crisis, they are relaxed and content with the way society is operating.
      • For many people politics is not a priority in their lives.


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