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  • Discuss the role of Prosody in language acquisition from early sound percep. to semantic + syntactic development (1650)
    • What is prosody?
      • Can allow discrimination between languages, speakers, phrases, words etc.
      • Can also link to sentence structure, an absence of vowels in a word also means the absence of a familiar syllabic pattern
        • Familiarity allows for discrimination
      • Juczyk paper
      • Shukla Paper
    • Early sound perception
      • Babies seem to be born with lang. specific skills and a sensitivity to syllabic structure
        • Mehler (1980s); Native language discrimination tasks using HAS
      • In utero learning
        • In utero child can learn prosodic generalities of maternal language and voice
        • DeCasper et al; HAS sucking fro prosodic characteristics heard in utero (story)
        • As well as post-natal response to pre-natal experience, fetal heart rate studies show similar effects
      • Speech segmentation
        • Statistical regularities
          • Prosodic variables help to seperate alongside this
            • An interaction between the two
              • Shukla (2007)
          • Saffran, Aslin & Newport (1996); speech streaming study, did an 'auditory stream' of a pseudo-language, infants during testing could discriminate 'words' from 'non-words' using preferential looking
            • How children perceive sound, as an 'auditory stream'
    • Semantic development
      • Hebbian learning
        • Mapping meanings onto words by using environmental regularities
          • Prosodic variables help to seperate alongside this
            • An interaction between the two
              • Shukla (2007)
    • Syntactic Development
      • Motherese
        • Characteristics
          • Slower and exaggerated intonation
            • Helps to group words into meaningful clusters and direct infant attention
          • Shorter mean-length-utterances (MLUs)
          • Single-clauses
          • Concrete
          • Repetition
          • Novel word found at the end
        • Research supporting its role in syntactic development with regards to prosody
          • Chen Yu paper
      • Categorical perception
        • Discriminating boundaries from a continuum of stimuli
          • Auditory continuum of speech, prosody to discriminate
          • Phoneme boundaries


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