Health Psychology and Wellbeing Overview


Topic 1 - Introduction and the biopsychosocial model 

1. The aims of this course

2. The background to and focus of Health Psychology (HP)

3. Biomedical Model

4. Biopsychosocial Model

5. How to be critical

6. Working in Health Psychology

Topic 2 - Models of health behaviour 1 

1. Why study health behaviours?

2. Social cognition models: Health Belief Model, Protection Motivation Theory, Theory of Reasoned Action, Theory of Planned Behaviour

3. Understanding of the tenets of models and empirical examples 

Topic 3 - Models of health behaviour 2

1. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of SCMs in predicting health behaviour and their relevance in designing health education interventions 

2. Apply an SCM in planning a clinical intervention 

3. Describe what is meant by 'lay understandings' of health and behaviour and discuss the contribution of this interview data to our understanding of health beliefs 

Topic 4 - Psychology of


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