Disability and Identity

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  • Disability and Identity
    • Society
      • Shakespeare - disability is a label
      • The label is often more of a problem than the disability itself
      • Disability is in some sense a social construct
      • It is more useful to talk of impairments
      • Everyone's abilities are different so everyone has some kind of impairment
      • Society should adapt so everyone has the same access to the same services
    • Prejudice
      • They are negatively stereotyped as weak and dependent on others
      • Scott - if they are labelled as dependent it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy
      • Marsh and Keating - everyone is dependent on other people to some extent.
    • The media
      • Theres very little representation of disabled people in the media
      • Roles for disabled people are limited
      • Those with real life experience of disability were more likley to reject unrealistic portrayals in the media.
      • The media can create negative perceptions amongst people in the media who haven't already formed their own ideas.


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