B2 Biology Triple Award Revision

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  • Virus
    • a virus attaches to a body cell and replicate themselves using the cells machinery  into that body cell
      • The cell damage is what makes you feel ill
      • The cell then bursts releasing the virus into the blood to infect more cells
    • B1 Revision
      • Bacteria
        • very small cells that reproduce rapidly inside the body
        • The make you feel ill by:
          • Damaging your cells
          • Releasing toxins (poisons) into the blood
      • Bodies defence system
        • Skin, hairs and mucus stop a lot of nasty bacteria entering your body
        • platelets help the blood clot quickly to prevent microorganisms from entering the blood
        • Sometimes microorganisms do get into your body
          • This is when the immune system kicks in
            • The most important part are the white blood cells
              • These cells attack any bacteria by:
                • 1) engulf and digest the foreign cells
                • 3) Producing anti-toxins to eliminate the toxins from the bacteria
                • 2) producing proteins(antibodies) to attack the bacteria
                  • The antibodies produces are specific to a type of bacteria
                  • antibodies are rapidly produced to spread around the body quickly


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