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B1 REVISION…read more

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Lesson 1 - Homeostasis
Learning Objectives
Define homeostasis
Explain how thermoregulation takes place…read more

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Key words and definitions…read more

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Thermoregulation…read more

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6 mark question
Explain how the human body responds to
an external temperature of 40 °C.…read more

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A explanation to include some of the following
homeostasis / regulation of the body's internal environment
controlled by the hypothalamus / thermoregulatory
hypothalamus / thermoregulatory centre monitors blood
negative feedback mechanism
sweat rate increases
sweat glands will release sweat on to skin surface
evaporation of this sweat / water will remove heat energy
from skin
hairs on skin's surface lay flat
no trapping of insulating air layer so body loses heat
vasodilation occurs
widening of the arterioles / blood vessels eq, near the skin
delivers warm blood to skin surface
body loses heat by radiation…read more

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