the 7 nutrients

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  • Diet
    • 7 nutrients
      • carbohydrates
        • sugars
          • found in: fruits, cakes, honey, jam, sweets
        • starches
          • found in: vegetables, rice, cereals, pasta, bread
            • primary source of energy. slow release.
              • found in: fruits, cakes, honey, jam, sweets
      • proteins
        • found in; meat, poultry, fish, milk, cheese, eggs
        • growth and repair of muscles and damaged tissue
      • fats
        • saturated
          • milk, meat, cheese, butter, cakes
        • unsaturated
          • fish, nuts, corn, soya beans
            • secondary source of energy, keep us warm, protect our organs
              • milk, meat, cheese, butter, cakes
      • water
        • makes up 66% of body weight
        • avoids person becoming dehydrated
      • vitamins
        • C, D and A
          • keep the body healthy. help to regulate the body.
      • fibre
        • Helps food to move easily trough the digestive sysytem
        • slows the release of energy
        • found in; seeds, fruits,nuts, vegetables
      • minerals
        • calcium, iron and iodine
          • enable the body to work normally and efficiently. cannot be produced by the body.


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