Democratic Supporters

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  • Democratic supporters
    • Low-income working class(63%)
      • unionised members (like interventionist approach of DEMs)
        • Obama's auto bailout of car manufacturers
      • Fair minimum wage act 2007
        • raised federal minimum wage from $5.15-$7.25(showed party commitment)
        • TRUMPtargeted young working class males (break up on trades unions) economically vulnrable
          • They feel DEMs have 'left them' and focused on ethnic minorities and gays
    • Gays and lesbians (76%)
      • favour DEMs liberal stance
        • Especially on social policies and commitment to Gay rights
      • Obama made clear support to same sex marriage
        • praised Supreme Court rulings on DOMA and Proposition 8
        • Obergefell v. HodgesSame sex marriage
    • Latinos (71%)
      • Loyal minority group - attracted to less hostile views on immigration
        • even though they have traditional values (catholic belief - effectively targetted by George W Bush)
      • Offer some illegal immigrants- path to citizenship
        • GOP controlled states have v stict immigration laws
          • fuels fear of racial profiling among latino community
            • 'self deportation' policy
              • Make Latino lives so uncomfortable that they are forced to leave america
        • GOP- Trump plans to create a 'wall' at americas southern border
    • Unmarried women (67%)
      • Strongest among simgle women
        • Due to Pro-chioce stance on abortion
        • GOP House of Representatives has a 'war on women'
          • NARAL Pro-Choice America are deeply critical as it attempts to restrict women's right to choose
    • African Americans (93%)
      • They have been the party's most loyal constituency
        • rarely falling below 90%
      • DEMs uphold Civil Rights and more interventionist approach to government
        • Greater support for affirmitive action, which maintains support
        • GOP attempts-Shelby County v. HolderVoting laws in the deep south
          • Black state in deep south - Alabama - made it hard to get driving licenses for blacks to vote - for DEMs


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