Black Voters and the Democrats

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Why are Black voters so loyal to the Democrats?
· Black support began with FDR's New Deal, which supported many minorities,
and was consolidated by Truman's actions, like desegregating the Armed
Forces, and he was the first President to realise the importance of the Black
· Democrats advocated affirmative action, specific programmes to help
minorities, including African Americans, and supported the Civil Rights
Movement, for example Kennedy in 1960 got MLK, the prominent civil rights
leader, out of prison, whilst Republicans made their opposition known and
quickly became known as the party that was anti civil rights. For example,
many of the Governors in Southern states which enforced segregation were
· Democrats are seen to generally to be supportive of African Americans, for
example Clinton was extremely supportive of affirmative action and was
called by some "the first Black president"
· Democrats are more likely to support those less well off, as many African
Americans and minorities are, whilst Republicans are generally more
supportive of big business types.
· Republican Bush's response to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, where there
was a large Black population, was seen as unsympathetic.
· Obama, the first Black President, is a Democrat, and this is reflected in
elections, 97% of Blacks voted for Obama in 2008 and 93% in 2012. Further,
his policies like "Obamacare" appeal more to those less well off


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