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Do they traditionally support Democrats or Republicans? In 12 out of the 15
elections between 1952 and 2008, elections have been won by the party who
identifies most with its voters. Independent voters, voters who have no official
party affiliation, are also useful. These voters gave…

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2010. Catholics tend to support Democrats, as the majority of their votes went to
Clinton, Gore and Obama. John F Kennedy, the first Catholic President, was a
Democrat. Jewish voters tend to go for Democrats, as proven in the 1996 and 2000
election, with 78% and 79% went to Clinton…

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There is a high degree of correlation between how people vote and how many
people live in their area. Densely populated areas, such as New York City, tend to
vote for Democrats, whilst sparsely populated areas, such as the South, tend to
vote for Republicans. In the 7 elections…


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