Democratic Party Support

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  • Gays and lesbians
    • Democract Party Support
      • Latinos
        • Loyal to Democrats due to the immigration views
        • Democrats have offer illegal immigrants a path to citizenship
        • Due to Republican policies on immigrationand selft-deportation
      • African Americans
        • Historically AA have been most loyal to Democrats
        • The Democrats supported civil rights and they were intervene to approach government
        • Democrats supports affirmative action
      • Unmarried women
        • Strong support among single young women
        • Democrats pro-choice in abortion
      • Low income working class
        • The Fair Minimum Wage Act 2007 shows the party commitment to this group
    • Democrats have more liberal stances on social policies
    • Democrats have a general commitment to gay rights
    • Obama supported same-sex marriage and praised the Supreme Court rulings on DOMA and Proposition 8


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