Defining Development

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  • Defining Development
    • Affluence and destitution
      • Explains the why the nations of the world exist in hierarchies of affluence which ranges from destitution and wealth
      • The richest 5th of the world had an income that was 78 times greater than than the poorest
    • Terminology
      • MEDC (More Economically Developed Countries) - Usually the developed nations of the west
      • LEDC (Less Economically Developed Countries) _ Usually those countries that are dependent on agriculture and raw materials. Yet some have had rapid urbanisation but their debt and increased poverty hinder their development
      • LLEDC (Least Economically Developed Countries) - these are the poorest nations of the world like Haiti and Niger
      • OPEC (Oil Producing and Exporting Countries) - these became wealthy in the 1970's as oil prices rose, most are in the Middle East such as United Arab Emirates, but the wealth is not evenly distributed
      • FCC (Formerly Communist Countries) - are those countries that are or were struggling to convert their economies into Capitalist lines and have poor economic progression but fairly good population and social living standards
        • Such as Poland and Romania
      • SDC's (Socialist Developing Societies) - are countries like Cuba that are communist/socialist in governance or have been for a long time. Their economic growth is slow but have excellent healthcare and education systems
      • Fourth and Fifth World - used by feminist Steinem to describe the lower collective class of women, who are exploited by men (fourth world) and those in developing nations who work in sweatshops under male oppression (fifth world)
    • Measuring Development
      • Development as economic wellbeing
        • Untitled
      • Development as social wellbeing


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