Marxism and Green crime

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  • Marxism and Green Crime
    • They see Green crime as an act of power
      • Pearce
        • Called them the 'crime of the powerful'
        • They shape and define laws to benefit their own interests
      • Laws benefit transnational corporations,whilst White-Collar is uneasily detected such as in a developing nation
    • Criminogenic Capitalism
      • Corporates want to maximise profits and minimise cost
        • Dumping wastes in developing nations where health and safety laws are more relaxed and disposal costs are cheaper
    • Criticisms
      • Anthropocentrism
        • Marxism are wrong
        • The government puts the well being and economic security of the citizens first
      • Wolf
        • Green crime can be explained through usual explanations of crime; Rational Choice theory, Strain Theory etc
        • There are weaker sanctions and stigma on green crime so it may be worth the risk


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