Decentralisation and regeneration

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  • Decentralisation & Regeneration
    • Decentralisation
      • The redistributing or dispersing functions, powers, people or things away from a central location or authority
      • Meadowhall - Sheffield
        • Background
          • Opened in 1990. It is I'm South Yorkshire 3 miles N.E of Sheffield City centre and 2 mines from Rotherham town centre. The land was previously Steel works
          • Meadowhall today:over 280 stores, most are major might street stores. The centre takes advantage of the growth of shopping as a lesure activity with an 11 screen cinema and many restaurants and cafes
          • Transport: Well connected with public transport, its the only centre in the UK to combine bus, real and tram interchange and making the area accessible to locals and the rest of the country. 12,000 free car parking spaces.
          • Environmental policy: 97% of waste from retailers and customers is recycled aided by the onsite recycling facility. The centre harvests rain water used for cleaning, flushing toilets and watering landscapes
          • Investors: October 2012, it was announced that the Norwegian Government Pention Fund Global brought 50% of the centre for £348 million (3.2bln kroner)
        • Causes
          • Room for expansion and space for large car parking facilities as its built on a brownfield site
          • Rates and rents are cheaper than in the city
          • Near to a suburban area giving a large workforce
          • Well situated on just off the M1 at junction 34 giving great accessibility
        • Impacts
          • Anchor stores such as House of frasier have relocated from sSheffield to the centre
            • Desenturalisation of Sheffiled City centre
          • Meadowhall has benefited from increased car ownership but city centres are unable to compete
          • The decline  of Sheffield
        • Future and changes
          • A new station connecting Sheffield with London and Birmingham with HS2 will be situated at Meadowhall
          • No longer High street vs. online, the two are starting to work together
            • The Tweet mirror - a combination of a mirror and touch screen computer. Allows you to see different clothes  on and at different angles as well as sharing them on social networking
    • Decline and regeneration of Sheffield
      • Decline
        • Traffic: Congestion. 7 main valley roads converge in the city centre. Poor quality, narrow roads were built before mass transport. Iron grid inner city pattern causes congestion. Lack of paring. Increased commuter traffic due to suburbanisation and poor quality public transport
        • Retail: Takings have been down by around 25% in some shops, many in the centre have closed down and moved, some to Meadowhall. These vacancies attract vandalism decreasing the attractiveness of the area decreasing further investment
        • Poverty:Some areas of  Sheffield (CBD, Netherthorpe and Norfolk park all scored +12 on the index of coal deprivation,the highest score. This is due to filtering, counter and suburbanisation. The elderly are effected, dont want to travel for services but they are not provided.
        • Employment:
        • Housing:
      • Regeneration
        • 50s/60s
        • 2000 onwards


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