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  • Current differences in educational attainment of different social groups.
    • Social class
      • Children from low income families do less well than more affluent children. 77% of children from professional backgrounds attained 5 A*-C grades. At age 17 87% from professional backgrounds were still in education compared to 58% from manual backgrounds.
    • Ethnicity
      • Indian and Chinese do as well/better than White British. Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Afro-Caribbean boys do less well and underachieve.   Indian and Chinese are often more business orientated therefore making a higher income. Afro-Caribbean girls achieve average grades.
    • Gender
      • Girls do better than boys at every stage in National Curriculum test and do better than boys in most GCSE subjects. Females are more likely to get three or more A-Level passes. A higher proportion of females stay on at sixth form and further education.
        • Reasons for this: Girls have more motivation and work harder. Boys mature later. Teachers have lower expectations for boys.


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