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  • More Examples of Studies...
    • Charkin et al 1975
      • used a sample of 48 uni students who each taught a lesson to a 10 year old boy.
      • 1/3 were told that the boys were highly motivated and clever
      • 1/3 were told they werent motivated with a low IQ
      • 1/3 were gievn no info
      • They videoed the lessons and found the first group made more eye contact and gave good body langauge than the second group
    • Mason 1973
      • Found and looked at whether negative or positive expectations had a bigger effect
      • Teachers were given different reports on students they thn watcheda video of each students watching for errors
      • the children with the negative reports had a bigger impact than the positive ones
    • David Rosenhan 1973
      • Being sane in insane places
      • Bascially shows that psycharists cant tell whether someone is sane or insane
    • Rosenthal and Jacobson
      • Manipulated teachers expectations about childrens abilities to discover what effect labelling has on achievement
    • Durkheims
      • study on suicide compared different religions
      • Different religions caused different levels of integration, low levels make higher rates of suicide


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