Education - Agent of Socialization

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  • Education - Agent of socialisation
    • Formal curriculum
      • This includes subjects which are taught in school, and the contents of the lesson.
      • e,g Maths, English, Science.
      • Formal curriculum is written down and you notice that it exists.
    • Information (hidden) Curriculum
      • These are messages that are passed on unintention-ally, teaching a child what is right and wrong.
      • Norms, values, mores and rules of our culture.
      • It isn't written down and we don't notice that it even occurs.
    • Formal social control
      • Schools control the pupils through written rules.
      • Breaking the rules will result in punishment, such as detention.
    • Informal social control
      • Behavior is controlled informally, by teachers and peers.
      • This can be shown by disappointment, pleasure and even facial expressions.
      • e.g your friends frown upon you when you do something they dislike.


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