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  • Education
    • Education process
      • Manipulation - teachers encourage appropriate behaviour
      • Activities - children's interests directed into certain toys
      • Role models - teachers; lessons include role models of historical figures
      • Imitation - 'Fit' in , copy other children's behaviour to do so
      • Sanctions- reward and punish behaviour appropriately
    • Theory
      • Marxists - hidden curriculum = ruling class ideology - acceptance of capitalist system; focuses on competition and individual achievement - discourages teamwork
      • Functionalists - education transmits shared sculptural values  which produces conformity and consensus; preparing young people for the world of work
    • Hidden(informal) curriculum - the every day rules, regulations and interactions of school life deliver lessons on how society functions.
      • Features = privileges and responsibilities for 6th formers; school rules; standing when teacher enters class; punctuality; grading by ability and exam success/failure
    • Formal curriculum = key skills needed in adult life (much reflects wider values) indicates which aspects of learning are seen as most important in socialising children; transmits culture - ethnocentric - british values and cultures taught as superior


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