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  • Cubism
    • Movements
      • "Primitive Art"
        • Focus on Egyptian/African art
      • "Analytic Cubism"
      • "Cubist Collage"
        • combining different teqstures
    • Cezanne (influenced)
      • Picasso
      • Braques
      • Cézanne questioned the five hundred year old assumption established in the Renaissance that the role of art was to replicate reality
      • Delauany
    • Began in Paris in 1906
      • Cubist painting is to exercise your perceptual and intellectual skills
    • Uses overlapping patterns
      • Allusions of reality
    • Art became technological it began to reflect the perceptual values of industrialization
      • Demands that the viewer notice the design and to acknowledge the realities of the fact of making and construction.
      • Awareness that Paris was getting bigger and becoming the artistic capital.
      • The cubists invented a new art form that would show the movement and life of the growing city.
    • Tthe representation of the three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional picture plane


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