religion and morality

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  • critiques of the relationship between religion and morality
    • key concepts: is it possible to be religious but not moral? if god exists is everything permissible?
      • St Thomas Aquinas- the human mind is aware of goodness, this goodness is a reflection of God.
        • F C Copleston: I do think that all goodnesss reflects God in some way and proceeds from him, so that in a sense the man who loves what is truly good, loves god'
    • Critique 1: euthyphro dilemma: ' doe god command x because it is good or is x good because god commands it'
      • is anything god commands moral? makes the moral law arbitrary. if god commanded to kill all homeless people, is this morally right?
        • Abraham and Isaac- concerned with anything god commanding being good.
      • 1st- how do we deal with situations where god does not expressly give a command? where do non believers get their moral standards from?
        • does god operate to laws already in place in the universe, if so is god limited by the laws of morality
    • how reliable is religious moral teaching?- culturally relative, unrealistic standards of goodness.
      • Nietzche- slave morality/natural morality.
    • critique 2-Richard dawkins- religion leads to evil, its responsible for misleading education, prejudice and ignorance


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