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Religion and morality…read more

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Is it possible to be religious but not moral?
· Is it possible to be moral but not religious?
· What is the relationship between God and goodness?
· Does the existence of a moral law presuppose the
existence of a supreme moral lawgiver?
· If God does not exist, then is everything permissible?
· How far does the moral teaching of religions accurately
reflect what may be thought to be the moral will and
intentions of God?…read more

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It has often been claimed that there is a link
between religion and morality. If we think of
religion as the source of morals, then it seems
difficult to live without religion.
· However, if the link between religion and
morality is criticised, then there may be good
grounds for secularism and atheism. Perhaps
we don't need God to be good.…read more

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Euthyphro Dilemma
· Does God command X because it is good?
· Goodness exists as something separate from God and to which
God needs to access in order to make a moral command.
· God is the means by which man receives moral knowledge but
that knowledge has not come directly from God's good nature.
· He cannot bring goodness into being- not traditional god of
· "[t]here is something over which God is not sovereign. God is
bound by the laws of morality instead of being their establisher.
Moreover, God depends for his goodness on the extent to which
he conforms to an independent moral standard. Thus, God is not
absolutely independent."
· If there are moral standards independent of God, then morality
would retain its authority even if God did not exist.…read more

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Is X good because God commands it?
· Is X good because God commands it states that
God's commands establish what is good, nothing
can be good unless god commands it, there are no
moral standard's other than god's will, so without
him there would be no morality.
· Arbitrary commands- depends on God's whims-
are all things commanded by God good- if he
commanded us to kill all the red heads would that
he good? Anything goes
· Abraham and Isaac- God changes his mind.…read more

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· Religion is an insult to human dignity, without it you
would have good people doing good things and evil
people doing evil things, for a good person to do evil it
takes religion- Weinburg.
· Dawkins dismisses religious faith as `an indulgence of
irrationality that is nourishing extremism, division and
terror', it is a virus that attacks the young and infects
generation after generation. He states that religion is a
form of child abuse as we abuse their innocence with
the idea of hell and eternal damnation. We label a
child with their parent's religion, they are isolated in
ultra-orthodox schools which indoctrinate the children
and stop them from thinking for themselves. Children
are victims of tradition to which they happen to be…read more

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