Incomplete (Westphal) implications

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  • Implications
    • Morality
      • If religion is not dependent on morality then would society break down ? people wouldnt need to be moral - is god necessary - think back to Pelagianism
      • Emotivism replaced by duty
      • Religion loses moral authority
    • Human Experience
      • Feelings are more important than reason - what are the implications of this ?
      • Does Nietzsche and Marx push blame on the wealthy
      • No hold out for secular society - culural differences between religions are not based on reason
      • religion = being rational not necessary
      • People become more sympathetic + less conflict becuase judgements are based on reason
    • Religion
      • Is religion necessary anymore - do we lose sight of God in removing practice and worship?
      • Does practical reason surfice in pointing to God
      • argumenets for God could become void - God = only philosophical idea
      • Debates about God become less important - maybe we need to Husks otherwsie religion becomes unnecessary


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