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  • Post-Kantian reconstructions of the Deist Project
    • Rational religion = universal morality
      • Catagorical Imperative
      • Religion not essential but useful to moral life
        • Summum Bonum
          • God is necessary to provide justice in the after life, without which moral bevhaviour would be irrational
            • Iranean Theodicy - afterlife enables us to become perfect
      • Kant's Pelagianism - Christ nothing more than good role model & people can improve themselves through moral effort
    • Kant and the Church
      • Religion is a means to an end (2nd catagorical imperative) - Kant hostile towards rituals and church rules - get in the way of morality
        • Counterfeit services to God (Husk) - Fetish Faith such as worshipping saints - does not led to morals
          • Demythologised Chirstianity - Link to Bultmann - Kerygma
      • KANT- 1) Morality does not need religion at all (being religious doesnt make you automatically moral)
        • KANT - 2) Morality leads inevitably to religion - link back to theodicy
          • KANT - 3) Religion is the recognition of all duties as divine commands (Act as if there was a god - aid living in moral life)
            • Braithwaite - God helps us be moral
    • Lessing and Spinoza
      • Lessing -against taking bible literally . Miricales cant be proven . less attached to idea od god important for morality
        • Spinoza - suggested Panthianism - Deus sive Natura - God is the same as the natural world - links to romantic era - Gid is immanent (Kant)
    • Schlieirmacher and Hegel
      • Schlieirmacher - against kant - emphasis on feelings (religious experience) - no problem with religious practice or dogma's serve a prupose to help trigger these feelings or religious experiences
        • Link to Intuition - Donovan / Owen and Plato - highest form of knowledge
      • Hegel - Philosophical religion is greater than traditional religion - Gott order Geist - Link to Spinoza and Panthiest - also wanted to demythologise chirstianity - Idealist views - not concerned with saving people from hell - lifting personality


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