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  • Contraception
    • Reasons for
      • Family planning
      • Health of the woman
      • Prevention of the spreading of STIs
      • Prevention of abortions
    • Types
      • Natural
        • Withdrawal
        • Rhythm method
        • Absitinence
      • Artificial
        • The pill
        • Condoms
        • Contraceptivepatch
        • Cervical cap
        • The Coil
    • Untitled
    • Roman Catholics
      • Only natural methods are permitted
      • Non-natural methods are 'intrinsically evil'
      • Abortions kill a potential life
      • God may have plans for a child to be born
      • God made sex for the purpose of reproduction so we should not interfere with Natural Moral Law
      • The catechism
      • Encourages abortion
      • Encourages promiscuity
    • The Church of England
      • Psalm 127 shows there is more to sex than having kids
      • Teaches that contraception is an acceptable way of preventing unwanted pregnancies and abortions
      • It does not regard contraception as a sin or interference in God's plans
      • They encourage  responsible choices


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