Community Cohesian

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  • Community Cohesian
    • Racial Harmony
      • =all different races/colours living together happily.
      • Islam
        • Qur'an promotes it
          • Hadith
        • Ummah=brotherhood = respect each other and all races are equal
        • Muhammad appointed a black African Muslim as a caller for prayer. Showed Muhammad believed in racial harmony.
    • Multi ethnic society
      • =lots of different races and cultures living together in one society.
      • Less predjudice = peace
      • Life is more interesting with different food and music, etc...
      • UK has highly skilled workforce form migrants
      • Different people=different ideas= more progress
      • Cultural differences can clash and cause conflict
      • Racial hatred groups could be formed
    • Benefits of a multi faith society
      • =lots of different religions and beliefs living together in one society
      • Understand each other better = less conflict and more peace
      • Interfaith marriages= children grow up with understanding
      • People can worship freely
      • No one faith controls the society
      • Real experience with other religions means there is less predujice
      • Religious Pluralism= accepting other religions as equally valid and correct and can coexsist
    • Gender Equality
      • Changing Role of women
        • Why are roles changing?
          • 1960s contraceptive pill
          • 1975 sex discrimination act
          • World Wars
          • UN human rights
          • Easier to divorce from 1969
        • How have roles changed?
          • Have the right to vote
          • Not expected to stay at home and raise children anymore
          • Are supposed to have equal pay rights, but still men can earn up to 17% more for doing the same job
        • But have things really changed?
          • Men can still earn up to 17%more for doing the same job
          • Women make up 84%service industries
          • Men make up 66%of senior officials
      • Christian attitudes to the role of women
        • Most believe in Gender equality
        • Catholic views
          • Equal made given different roles by God
          • Do not accept women as priests
            • "The lord chose men to from his 12 disciples"
        • Chruch of England
          • Accept women as priests but not as vicars
        • Methodist Church
          • More liberal
          • Accepted women in all roles of leadership
      • Islamic attitudes to the role of women
        • Traditionally men provide for the family
        • Modern attitude = both genders have equal rights
          • Qur'an promotes it
          • Have equal rights in education and religiion
        • Hadith="All people are equal"
        • Female imams around the world


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