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  • Contemporary Study - Burger (2009)
    • Aim - to investigate obedience by partially replicating Milgram's (1963) study to examine whether situational factors affect obedience to an authoritative figure,
    • Screening procedures - asked if they studied psychology and asked about their physical and psychological health. 30% were excluded. Second screening procedure - two clinical psychologists, questionnaires and scales, interviewed (MINI). 47 were removed.
    • Procedure - 70 pps, 29 males and 41 females. Split into 2 groups with equal ratios of males and females. Introduced to the experimenter and confederate and were given $50. Script similar to Milgram's was followed. Rigged role choice. Milgram's procedure was followed. Pps given a 15 volt shock. Maximum shock level was 150 volts.
      • Experiment 2 - same procedure but with 2 confederates. 2nd was also a teacher and took the lead by asking the questions and giving shocks. At 75 volts, the 2nd confederate hesitated after hearing the learner grunt and at 90 volts, they said "I don't know about this". Prompted by experimenter but refuses to continue so real ppt is on their own.
    • Results - experiment 1 - 70% went to maximum. Experiment 2 - 63.3%.
    • Conclusion - time and changes in society's culture did not have an effect on the level of obedience demonstrated by pps, nor did the refusal of the confederate.


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