Burger 2009 evaluation

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  • Burger recruited a more diverse sample of ages and ethnicities and so they findings have greater generalizability compared to Milgram's.
  • Burger used Milgram's procedure and only varied it for ethical reasons. As he used the same procedure, it can be claimed that the study was a replication and we can reliably compare the results with those from Milgram's. AS the study was a replication, we claim that it has reliability.
  • In terms of application to the real world, the results can be used to explain real world phenomena; the findings can help explain events such as the holocaust and why so many soldiers obeyed authority to kill innocent jews. It can be said that the soldiers were not responsible and were just following orders from Hitler who was making them obey.
  • Burger has demonstrated how easy it is to follow the route to destructive obedience and this knowledge may lead to the avoidance of such incidents in the future.
  • Another ethical strength of the study is that participants were not…


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