Unit 1: Legal Protection (Conservation Methods)

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  • Conservation Methods - Legal Protection
    • Wildlife + Countryside Act (1981/84) - UK law protecting certain species and habitats
      • SSIs - assigned to protect habitats
      • Illegalising of the harm of wild fauna and flora
      • Uprooting of wild plants is illegal
      • Harming wild birds or their nests is mostly illegal
    • NNRs, SPAs, SACs, MNRs SSIs - restrict activities to protect communities of species
    • Ramsar Sites - wetland sites designated to protect the biodiversity
    • International Whaling Commission(IWC) - organisation aiming to create sustainable whaling
      • Designates whale sanctuaries
      • Setting limits on size and number killed
      • Completely protecting some species
    • Common Fisheries Policy - EU policy ensures sustainable exploitation of fish resources
      • Failed due to inability to set appropriate quotas
  • Ramsar Sites - wetland sites designated to protect the biodiversity




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Legal protection is essential in conserving biodiversity and mepco online bill natural habitats. Several methods are used globally to ensure the protection of ecosystems and species:

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