Conservation Methods- Legal Protection

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  • Conservation Methods (Legal Protection)
    • Aim
      • Control trade
      • Prevent damaging activities
      • Prevent or make exploitation sustainable
    • CITIES
      • Appendix 1
        • Complete band on trade
      • Appendix 2
        • Trade is allowed but is resticted
      • Appendix 3
        • Species which require protection in some countries
      • Critisims
        • They believe any trade is harmful and ignore financial side for local people
    • Ramsar Convention
      • Protects vulnerable and invaluable habitats
    • International Whaling Commission
      • Doesn't band whaling. Controls the exploitation
    • UK Legislation
      • Wildlife and Countryside Act 1984
        • Can't release non-native species
        • Allows establishment of SSSIs


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