Wildlife Conservation

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  • Wildlife Conservation
    • The rational
      • Education
        • human behavior  social structure, interdependence, biomimentics
      • Aesthetic/ recreational
        • world will be a pleasant place, has economic benefits
      • Moral
        • organisms have a right to live, wrong to kill unnecessarily
      • Economic
        • Medical
          • physiological - producing vaccines, testing drugs development - treating human diseases with chemicals, so protect all
        • food
          • domestication- gene pool prob  lack of variety                wild varieties - very few grown for commercial           biological control- better adapted for local
        • Other
          • timber (construction)        fibers           cosmetics
      • Earths life support system
        • maintenance of atmosphere- photosynthesis and respiration reg CO2 and O2
        • role of plants - increase humidity by transpiration this increases rainfall
        • soil formation & conservation - detrivores break up org material - decomposers make it into nutrients
      • Species interdependence
        • food supplies - prey provide for predators - remove sick +weak
        • pollination (insect)- more reliable than wind, evolved to attract animals
        • seed dispersal - small seeds for wind, faeces         habitat provision
    • Humans threaten wildlife
      • deliberate  exploitation
        • food - extinction due to hunting  fashion - skins entertainment traditional medicines
      • accidental harm - Road kill, farm harvesting ,fishing
      • introduced species - predators, competitors, disease
      • deliberate eradication - predators, competitors
      • habitat change- humans change the env most likely to affect species that need specific req   competitor species may be better able to survive changes
    • Conservation methods
      • legal protection
        • trade controls (CITES) - 1 complete ban on trade       2 limited trade           3 particular countries request assistance to protect species
        • laws ban activities - wildlife and countryside act make harm  & exploitation illegal
        • protected areas - restriction on protected areas
        • sustainable exploitation - IWC control not ban so species are not threatened
      • Captive breed and release
        • problems
          • difficulties - size, expensive          breeding prog-  provide right conditions      interbreeding-small gene pool       species - breed in large colonies
        • methods
          • cytopreservation egg sperm stored         artificial insemination   embryo transfer       micropropation                                seed banks
        • release - probs
          • lack of food recognition  hunting skills no immunity against local diseases       community may not be unaccepting
      • Habitat conservation
        • habitat  protection establishment of nature reserves to reduce disturbance or damage
        • habitat management - maintain/enhance -control of succession   -culling /removing of invasive species                                       -providing sutable a/biotic factors/ conditions           - biological corridors
        • Habitat Creation - Alteration of unsuitable habitat so that desired species can survive, spec conditions for native introduction of wildlife
  • organisms have a right to live, wrong to kill unnecessarily


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