Consequences of Tourism Growth in Mallorca

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  • Consequences of Tourism Growth in Mallorca
    • Employment
      • immediate boost
      • two thirds of its population of 800,000 employed
        • Either directly (hotels) or indirectly (services)
      • 84% of Mallorca's Gross national Income is connected to tourism
      • large numbers of young, economically active population moved from the rural interior to find seasonal employment
      • Unemployment is 4% lower than other regions in Spain
      • Average family income - 30% above national average
      • a massive building programme
        • Hotels, roads and other amenities for the tourist began providing further opportunities for employment
    • Jobs
      • Did have some economic disadvantages for Mallorca
      • Some developments were financed and designed by international tour operators
        • Leaves only semi-skilled and manual job opportunities for the local Mallorcan pop.
      • jobs offered little opportunity for promotion or career advancement
      • have to work long and anti-social hours
    • Culture
      • coastal area- densely packed
        • with hotel and apartment complexes, bars, restaurants and other leisure services.
      • Number of English, Irish and German owned bars and restaurants established
      • English is spoken
        • not necessary for the tourists to speak any Spanish
      • Very little traditional Spanish architecture or culture
      • continued to attract large numbers of young people staying in low price accomdation
      • Negative image of packed beaches, rowdy bars and nightclubs
    • Resources
      • mass tourism was destroying the tourist potential
      • heavy demand on scarce water resources
      • landscaping of gardens within hotel complexes, the building of golf courses, swimming pools and showers
        • meant that fresh water supplies were being over used
      • undertake expensive desalination of seawater
        • tap water unfit for drinking
      • locals found it hard to compete for water supplies against the demands for tourism development
    • Landscapes
      • natural coast landscape was altered
      • beaches were extended
      • sand dunes removed to make way for more apartment blocks
      • natural dune vegetation was completely destroyed along with their wildlife habitats
      • traditional way of life in Mallorca was affected
      • farmers often sold their land to developers
      • landscape was completely altered to provide promenades and other tourist amenities
      • increased number of tour buses and other vehicles resulted in an increase in air pollution


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