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  • Conformity
    • Types of conformity
      • Internalisation
        • Person genuinely accepts group norm. Public + Private. Without monitoring.
      • Identification
        • Conform to the group because we think they're correct. Only with monitoring. Public not Private.
      • Compliance
        • Outwardly conform but privately disagree. Only with monitoring .
    • Explanations for conformity
      • Informational Social Influence
        • Conform because you want be correct. Leads to internalisation
      • Normative Social Influence
        • Conform because you want to be liked and gain social approval. Leads to compliance.
    • Evaluation
      • Support for ISI
        • Lucas et al 2006. Maths problems with students. Students who rated their maths ability as worse conformed more to incorrect answers.
      • Individual differences in NSI
        • NSI doesn't affect everyone the same way. nAffiliators.
      • ISI & NSI working together
        • Deutsch and Gerrard's two process approach. Cannot always be sure whether ISI or NSI is operating.


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