Comparison Essay Technique

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  • Comparison Essay Technique
    • Discuss critical quotation
      • Not just placed in essay
      • Express opinion of quotation
    • Need grammar and accuracy of expression
      • SPAG
      • Read through
    • Embed context
      • Point per text per paragraph
      • Make relevant to point
    • Terminology
      • Key point for improvement in essays
      • Focus on increasing use
      • Structure
      • Imagery
    • Link arguments between paragraphs
      • Connections of points
      • Create cohesive/ fluent argument
    • Use key words
      • Keep on the point
      • From statement/ quotation
    • Avoid stroytelling
      • Irrelevant
      • Connect to point
      • No narrative section
    • Clear points
      • Not necessarily 3
        • Use statement as a guide
      • Suggest conclusion in introduction
      • Think outside the box
    • Comparative topic sentences
      • AO4
      • Keeps focus on question


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Thank you very much for the work done to the author and the staff of this cool service did not even expect that everything would be so cool, and my topic would receive the highest score. Thanks to the authors for the saved time and nerves. I love it, I recommend it.

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