The Canonization

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  • The Canonisation
    • Imagery
      • Eagle and dove. (Masculine and feminine - gentle and strong- patriarchal society? ) OR eagle flies over earth but the dove transcends to reach heaven. Takes love to a high plane - all encompassing.
      • Phoenix= resurrection and conexistance. However it is a mythical image; could suggest this is impossible?
      • Gender: 'one neutral thing' SEE A04 for CONTEXT
        • However does love have patriarchal dominance?  'my love' , becaomes 'she and I' but not 'we' until 3rd stanxza. Patriarchal like eagle? (A04 gender issues)
      • Water: 'sighs drowned' 'tears overflowed' (Petrarchan convention) View of cleansing and purification subverted - connotations of death - Catholic holy water? Dig at catholocism
      • "heats and colds' all natural disasters - power of God or his punishment
    • Techniques
      • Tone is violent/ hyperbolic 'For God's sake' Metaphysical technique/ Sounds as if meant to be performed on stage (more dramatic)
      • Convention of eagle and dove ( renaissance convention). Also Petrarchan technique of water imagery
      • Monosyllables- at the end of every line. Rhythmic but also gives arguement precision
      • Repetition: of 'love' end of line 1 and 9 of each stanza. Cyclical/ never ending legacy/love - also faith in God.
      • Lists; 'grey hairs' 'runied fortune' 'honour, grace, kings'. Gives argument substance and quickens pace, therefore passionate?
    • Structure
      • Rhymes of lines 4/8 of 'ove' repeated- concentrates around central theme
      • ABBACCCAA unifies poem around central theme .
      • Triple rhyme secures arguement
    • AO4
      • 'wealth, state, fortune' - list + dismissive although important in society. Demeans their value in comparison to love.
      • 'verse' 'chronicle' - connotations of holy scriptures
      • Mockery of other conventional 16th century lovers 'tears 'fever' 'sighs'
      • 'Own cost die - ****** reduces length of life. Love of body is noy important and dangerous


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