essays for unseen poetry

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  • Essay techniques
    • Introduction
      • show you understand by focusing on a couple of things
      • refer to techniques in general
        • The use of 'literary techniques' = thought provoking
        • use of a range of devices to convey subject-matter
    • conclusion
      • How succesful is poet in conveying themes?
      • have they portrayed them effectively?
      • are themes: unusual/diffi-cult/appealing/engaging?
      • Does the use of structure or language help make a theme more accessible?
        • has it challenged the way you think about it?
    • paragraph plan
      • (1) Verse form and sentence structure
        • End-stopping
        • enjambment
        • Caesura
        • sentence lengths/types
          • are they long or short?
          • Declarative (statment)
          • interrogative (question)
          • exclamatory (exclamation)
          • imperative (command)
        • syntactic patterning
      • (2) diction and imagery
        • how varied are the words? Long/short/simple etc.
        • syntax - place importance on word - why might they do this?
        • lexical field - words which all relate to common idea or theme
        • repetition
        • contrast- two opposing ideas placed near each other to highlight the difference
        • Sound devices
          • assonance/ consonance /sibilance/on-omatopoeia
        • imagery
          • simile = like/as
          • metaphor = saying something is actually something else
          • personification - objects are given human qualities
      • (3) Rhyme scheme and metre
        • Full rhyme / half rhyme /visual rhyme/internal rhyme
        • iambic tetrameter - FOUR iambs/eight syllables
        • iambic-pentameter - every line has FIVE iambs/TEN syllables
    • middle paragraphs
      • always refer to subject -matter
      • use the PEA structure


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