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PEEL (Point, Evidence, Explanation (strength and weakness) Link).

Catherine I

(PLAN AND ESSAY (got an A-) "Explore the presentation of Catherine in "Wuthering Heights")

"The character Catherine from the novel "Wuthering Heights", written in 1847, deals with the social constrictions of life for women in 18th century Yorkshire whilst attempting to retain her natural personality and soulmate: Heathcliff". 

My teacher gave me a mark for AO3 at 1847 and AO1 but there could have been much more shoved in there. In an intro you want to have all of your AOs shoved in even if it is just a mention, there should always be 1-3 though. I have a clear point, which explains what my essay is going to be about; great. I have some AO3, it's all I really needfor this. My AO2? Not there. Shove something in. 

1. introduced as 'Catherine Earnshaw... Heathcliff... Linton' +a GHOST

'the air swaarmed with Catherines'

- she is a 'double character' through Earnshaw/WH vs. Linton/TG

first representation of her = not knowing who she is/should become

18th century = not having the power to choose Heathcli

ff/remain single which is why there is an emphasis on GOTHIC SUPERNATURAL GHOST

Her GOTHIC entrapment in her position is therefore instant even though her wandering on the moors and diary entries reveal her true character



(AO1)"The reader is introduced to Catherine through Lockwood's narrative(AO2) as he notices the three surnames she annnotates her books with; Earnshaw, her given name; Heathcliff, the one she desires and Linton, the one she chooses because of the lack of power she has as a woman at that time(AO2&3)." This shows off knowledge of the text and themes whilst introduicng the relevance of contextual factors.

"The phrase 'the air swarmed with Catherines' instantly reveals her 'double character', which is a product of the society she lived in. Catherine's presentation constantly shifts between her naturally 'mischievous and wayward' nature that the reader is informed about by the introduction of Nelly Dean's narrative, and her alteration to what seems 'a very dignified person' around the Lintons. These two personalities reveal the gothic theme of entrapment that runs throughout the novel as they depict Catherine being caught between who she wants to be and who society is forcing her to be. Therefore, Catherine is immediately presented as someone that does not fit in with the undeniable pressure of the highly patriachal 18th century" I culd have shoved in some extra AO3 there with a "that Bronte herself experienced" or something but the examiner can also pick up what I was putting down"as she cannot completely conform, as shown by her ghost appearing as a child returning from the moors. This returns her to being 'mischevieous and wayward' use a new quote before the reader" "even" "knows how removed she became from this." Catherine changes in the novel = L

Using AO2 to back up most of your points (AO1) is really important, but don't forget to just


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