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p1: Welcome
p2. Summary of course content
p3 Plan of the course
p4. A reading list
p5. Expectations
p6. Appendices
i. Performance descriptors
ii. Unit 4 information
iii. Assessment criteria
Email addresses for help:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]…read more

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Welcome to English Literature A2, "Love Through the
Ages". Having successfully completed AS Literature, you
will be well-equipped for all the reading and analysis
necessary to do well at this level. The aim of the course is
to turn you into an "informed and independent reader"; we
hope that you enjoy the process!
This handbook is to answer your questions about the
shape of the course, the exam format and the coursework
you'll be writing.…read more

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Summary of Content
Unit 3: Reading for Meaning
Written paper, 2 hours and 30 minutes (30% of total A
Level mark).
4 unseen extracts for close study, comparison and critical
2 questions, one comparing 2 extracts of the same genre
and the other comparing 2 extracts of the other 2 genres
to your wider reading.
Extended essay and Shakespeare study
Coursework, 3000 words, comparing 3 texts, one of which
must be Shakespeare. (20% of the total A Level mark).…read more

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A reading list
Unlike AS, there is no set text, and no list of required
reading. This means that the wider reading is very much
based on individual taste both of staff and students. Your
teacher will give you a list of books to read as preparation
for coursework. You will also be expected to read a
common core of books for your wider reading, which will
be taught in class.…read more

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The expectations of the course and of the department.
2. To turn up every lesson, with all the necessary texts
and having done the preparation/homework for that
3. To return all borrowed books in good order and when
asked for them
4. To be willing to discuss texts in class, to listen to
others' views and to introduce ideas of your own.
5. To keep a reading log and an up-to-date timeline of
all the texts you read.
6.…read more

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Here is some information that you might find useful,
copied from the specification. The full specification can be
found at:
The course code is 2740.
Included here:
1. the weighting of the Assessment Objectives (AOs) for
A level
2. Boundary performance descriptors for the A level
3. Some information on Unit 4 (coursework)
4. The AOs for Unit 4. (The AOs are the same for all
units in the A Level; the descriptors below them apply
particularly to Unit 4.…read more


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