WJEC - Chaucer's The Wife of Bath from the Canterbury Tales

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The Exam

Section A - critical reading of Pre 1800 poetry - 40marks = 30%

Section B - Shakespeare and related drama - 40 marks = 30%

Pre 1800 Poetry and Drama:

  • 2.5 hour exam
  • Closed book (not allowed the books in the exam)
  • 60% of total A2 mark (30% of final A level grade)

In the Exam:

  • Chose 1 of 5 questions
  • Then pick 1 of the 5 unseen poems/poetry extracts on the paper
  • Then write a comparative essay connecting Chaucer's Wife of Bath to your chosen unseen poem making sure you address the key words in the question as well as analysing and evaluating the links.



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