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  • Colourfastness and other fastness
    • Bleaching
      • Some dyes such as those used on swimwear need to be able to resist the effects of chlorine.
    • What is colourfastness?
      • Is  the strength with which the dye is held in the fibre. When selecting dyes for a particular end use,colourfastness must be considered.
      • Fabrics may need to have fastness to these factors depending on their intended use.
    • Washing
      • This will be important for clothing and household products used regularly.
    • Perspiration
      • This will be important for fashion products as the acid/alkaline effects of perspiration can react with some dyes leading to localised discolouration
    • Light
      • This will be important for furnishing products, expecially curtains and chair/sofa covers as they are exposed to sunlight
    • Dry Cleaning
      • the fluids can lead to a loss of colour so products which are likely to be dry-cleaned on a regular basis need to be fast to the dry-cleaning materials.
    • Rubbing (crocking)
      • Dye is removed from products by friction. This property will be important for seating and some clothing products


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