colour ad dying textiles

Reasons for Coloring Textiles

Different colours target different markets

 Eg. pink for little girls and blue for boys.

The colour in the product will help sell and encourage custumers to buy.  

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Natural dyes

  • Are made from natural resources such as vegtibles and red ochre. 
  • Enviromentally friendly.


  • Made from a range of chemicals and are the most highly used type of dye.
  • If not disposed of correctly the chemicals will seep in to waters and the enviroment polluting it. 
  • Vast amount of water is needed.

Stages of dying

  • Products can be dyed at the fibre stage, fabric or garment.
  • garment dying allows for last min decisions.
  •  Fabric gives smooth and even cover and made to meet product specification.
  •  Fibre blends then can be created with different effect.
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  • Resistance to colour loss through manufacture and use.
  • Different fibres and blends have different colour fastness.
  • It depends on the dyestuff and fabric.
  • Underwear has to have very high colourfastness due to abrasion against the body and persperation.
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