Cognitive Scripts

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  • Cognitive Scripts
    • Memory Scripts - knowledge of social situations (e.g. restaurant). MAIN FEATURES: scenes are ordered by time, goals, evolve with experience, influenced by culture, influence memory.
    • Evaluation - STRENGTH, make person perception more accurate, we can get to know someone rather than stereotyping, and resist the tendency to stereotype. STRENGTH, support for memory scripts, people presented with events in the wrong order state them in the correct order, cognitive scripts influence remembering everyday events. WEAKNESS, we assume a script is guiding behaviour when it's not, someone eating meal in restaurant may be imitating others, scripts are not always important influences of behaviour.
    • Person Perception - we catagorise people and use assumptions to place them in a group, e.g. 'outgoing' = 'funny.' Stereotypes make this inaccurate


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