Cognitive Biases

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  • Cognitive Biases
    • Confirmation Bias - We favour information that confirms what we think, we notice and recall this information easier, we ignore other information.
    • Evaluation - STRENGTH, applied to real-world, overcome confirmation bias by looking for contradictory information, we can improve decision making. STRENGTH, link between HAB and aggression, people with HAB are more aggressive and continue to get more aggressive, vicious circle. WEAKNESS, FAE is only in some cultures, individualist = FAB, collectivist = situation blamed, FAB not in all human processing.
    • FAE - You believe that someone has doen something bad ecause of their personal attributes (they're late because they don't care about my time), rather than blaming the situation.
    • HAB  - Believes other people's behaviour is hostile because of situation or personal characteristic.


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